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Meat мясо говядина птица фарш субпродукты
Wholesale price
€0.22-2 EXW
Simplex meat-exp, GmbH, DE, 208 km
We sell frozen / продаем с холод. в ЕС Pork / Свинина: hard cutting fat / сало боковое -0,60€ jowls, rind-on, w/o neck fat / щековина со шк.,...
Продам мясо (Meat and chicken products)
Price on request
Spult, LLC, Baku, 208 km
Продаем Мясо (Говядина и Ккурица) Meat products (Meat and chicken products) 1. Carcass Sheep meat — 20-40 tons (14-17 kg) 2. Carcass Veal meat —...
Top grade dog food
120 EXW
Salaman co plc, GP, US, 186 km
Dry dog food cat food OEM Manufacturer from China dry dog food cat food OEM Manufacturer from China * Formula can be customized...
Vacuum coppers KV-4.6 zh4-FPA for bioutil
Price on request
Борисенок А., SP, BY, 208 km
Vacuum coppers KV-4.6 zh4-FPA for meat and bone meal For utilization and processing of biowaste, fish, eggs, skins, meat and bone raw materials...
Мясо говядины оптом в полутушах
Wholesale price
$2.90-2.95 FCA
Грин Таун ЛТД, LLC, UA, 208 km
Компания с многолетним опытом работы на международном рынке и прекрасной деловой репутацией предлагает для оптовой продажи на внутреннем рынке и...
Oil «Appetito», 4.5/ 5 kg
man. 7.20/pc FCA
Chromos Production, ЧП, UZ, 208 km +1 ad
Oil «Appetito» is used for preparing a wide variety of crèches at home and mostly at restaurants. The most frequent use of the Oil in the...
Vegetable mixed butter ghee (Masloff) 99.7%
man. 1.05/pc FCA
Chromos Production, ЧП, UZ, 208 km +1 ad
Combined vegetable melted butter "Appetito" is often used to soften the taste of the dish and give it a creamy flavor. Combined vegetable melted...
Price on request
Aзов-Форвардинг, LLC, UA, 208 km
На постоянной основе реализуем мясо птицы : курицу-бройлер, куриную разделку(филе, бедро, голень, крыло) на экспорт. также реализуем на экспорт...
Frozen fish products from the cold store in Lithuania.
Wholesale price
from €0.70 EXW
Lestena, UAB, LT, 208 km
Salmon bellies 1-3cm. Price 1.10 Eur Salmon bellies 3+ cm. Price 3.00 Eur Salmon bellies 4+ cm. Price 5.10 Eur Salmon stripes. Price 0.90...
Compound Feed for Broiler Chicken - Best Mix
$600 FOB  
wholesale $300-400
Ukrainske zerno, LLC, UA, 208 km
Compound feed is a profitable option for both: private farming and corporate livestock farms. Using of compound feeds simplify maintenance and...
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